Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that treats mental, emotional and physical illness.  When we experience a strong emotion, such as fright, we often feel it in a physical way - churning stomach, weakness in our legs and a dry mouth.  Equally, if we hurt ourselves physically it may make us experience strong emotions which may make us tearful or even angry.  Our mind and body are intrinsically linked.  It is with this in mind that Homeopathic remedies are generally selceted to fit all of the characteristics of the patient, so physical problems are considered in relation to their mental and emotional state.   It is complementary to any medicines from your doctor.   It can be used safely and confidently at the same time and will not interfere with their action.  There is growing dissatisfaction with the long term use of strong drugs because of their side effects.  Homeopathy is a gentle, natural form of complementary medicine which aims to help you achieve your optimum health despite any previous or current health issues or use of medication.  Indeed, when correctly prescribed, it may enable you to reduce your existing medication (only under the supervision of your doctor).


Homeopathy is safe and suitable for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Babies
  • Children
  • The elderly


People often consult a Homeopath when suffering with any of the following;

  • Emotional difficulties
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Menstrual, menopausal and gynaecological problems
  • Skin problems, eczema, acne, psoriasis
  • Asthma, breathing problems, recurrent chest infections
  • Allergies and food intolerances
  • Digestive disorders, IBS, candida
  • Heart problems, high blood pressure, angina
  • Raynauds
  • Rheumatism, arthritis, back pain or sports injury
  • Migraines and headaches  

Whatever your current state of health Homeopathy may be a natural way to improve it.  Please feel free to contact us to find out more.




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