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Welcome to ComplementaryHealth4u!  My name's Dave Masters and I'm a full time consulting Homeopathic practitioner and I prescribe drug free Homeopathic remedies.  This website is intended to help you achieve the best in Natural Health Care using complementary medicine and I'd like to help you make the right choice from the many available to you.

The system of complementary medicine I practice and refer to on this website is completely safe.  This is because the remedies used are prepared in such a way that they contain none of the original substances.  This makes them safe even for pregnant women or babies.  In fact, it is often one of the few things on offer to those two special groups of people when conventional medicine may be potentially too harmful to use.  It is also completely safe for the frail and elderly.  Homeopathic treatment is focused on YOUR individual needs, working with YOU and listening to your general and specific health concerns.

I hope the website helps you decide on the right choice for you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you for your interest.

Best wishes, 







Dave Masters, MARH, MNWCHom, MCThA

Registered Homeopath


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